Chair Test Items

The chair has no armrests, so it has such a big impact on the human body?

Chairs play a very important role in furniture. The furniture with the highest life rate is the chair. A comfortable armchair will make your work and life more comfortable.

With the improvement of craftsmanship and human aesthetic consciousness, the chair has become diverse in style, material selection, size, style and style. Armchairs and armchairs are very common in daily life, with armchairs. And which one is better without an armchair?

The armchair has better comfort and ergonomics during use, but it is far less convenient than no armchair. The biggest feature of an armchair is that it is convenient, but the benefit of having an armchair is that it is not available without an armchair. It is critical to have an armchair with a key to the right waist. Sedentary has a huge damage to the waist and shoulders. The chair with armrests can support your waist by hand and relax the waist properly.

The armrest with the armchair is its soul, the quality of the armrest is crucial, it needs to support our body for a long time, and the fatigue of the armrest is also a key parameter with the armchair. The Haida Handrail Fatigue Tester tests the vertical pressure of the handrail structure and the ability to repeat the load carrying capacity to test the fatigue of the chair armrest.

When you are tired of work, hold the handrails with your hands, stretch your waist, move your muscles, and don't regret when you have problems. If you want to know more about chair testing instruments, please contact us and we are waiting for you!