Haida manufacturing,German quality

Haida manufacturing,German quality

"It's great to have friends coming from afar," experts from German sensor manufacturers visited our research and development base at haida.


As a world manufacturing power, Germany has established a good reputation in the world with the excellent quality of its products. "made in Germany" has become the guarantee of high quality and high reputation in the world.Through this exchange with German technical experts, haida not only learned the advanced technology of Germany and more understood the quality of German enterprises, but also practiced the down-to-earth and achieved the perfection of products.


Machinery is the root of the country, must be down-to-earth, from raw materials to processing to surface treatment to transfer every step of the delicate work.For haida, "quality" is the soul of the product, and haida has always adhered to the principle of "quality first", hoping to become a "national leading enterprise in testing equipment industry", our company produces fracturing machines, ring and edge pressure testing machines, tension machines, furniture testing and other equipment with third-party quality inspection certificates.


German professional technical engineers insight, let us benefit a lot, haida manufacturing German quality!