Is your shipping package qualified?

Is your shipping package qualified?
On October 10, a viaduct near the North Ring Road in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province was turned over. In addition to the large trucks falling from the bridge, there are cars under the bridge, a man riding a three-wheeled pass and death. The goods carried by the large trucks also rolled off the trucks.
So, is your shipping package safe?
Different methods of transport have different methods of detection. Here is the ISTA transport standard.
Including vibration (fixed frequency vibration, random vibration), impact (drop / ramp impact / horizontal impact), rotating edge drop and so on.
Nowadays, the efficiency, reliability and safety of logistics and transportation are getting more and more attention. The design and integrity of transportation packaging will directly affect whether the product can reach the customer safely and without loss. How can we ensure the safe transportation of products and avoid or reduce the loss of goods caused by improper packaging?
We conduct a series of packaging and packaging materials testing in accordance with ISTA, ASTM, EN, GB and other standards. Our test items include but are not limited to:

Packaging product transportation test:

Vibration test
Drop test
Bevel impact test
Stacking test
Temperature and humidity adjustment processing test
Package clamping force test
Empty box compression test
Transport simulation test
Packaging material test
Side pressure strength ECT test
Burst strength BST test

About ISTA

ISTA is short for the Internationa Safe Transit Association. It is dedicated to the research of transport packaging and assists in the development of effective packaging to improve the transport safety of products. To this end, ISTA has published a series of documents such as standards, test procedures and test items as a basis for evaluating the safety of transport packaging.

This series of testing machine can be done with the full range of testing a variety of materials ,in paper,packaging materials,can be carry out a variety of paper quality testing,that Ringcrush(RCT),flat crush(FCT),Edge compressive(ECT),adhesive strength(PAT) and CCTCMT test other 6 kinds of testers, a combination of a number of functions in one of the test equipment.

The main technical parameters
Capacity 200,500kg import sensor
Test speed 400*500*600mm
Test speed 0.1-300mm/min
Control method Panel control,LED display +computer with TM210C software control. Windows mode operation
Force control High Precision Pressure Sensors+High performance core processor+the independently highspeed sampling chip to make sure take sample accurate and high speed processing, effectively ensure the accuracy test.
Outside dimension(L*W*H) 1020*510*1060mm
Weight Approx.100kg
Power 220V50Hz2A