ISTA Annual Meeting

ISTA Annual Meeting

The "2019 Transportation Packaging Technology Organization Annual Meeting and ISTA China Annual Meeting" was held from September 18th to 20th, 2019 at the Venus Royal Hotel in Shenzhen, China. The annual meeting was hosted by the International Safe Transport Association (ISTA), the China Council of International Safe Transport Association (ISTA China), and the China Packaging Research and Testing Center and China Packaging Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Haida has the honor to participate in this annual meeting. This year, there will be excellent industry participation from all over the country. Haida attaches great importance to this annual meeting and sends our company's excellent business elite to the on-site study and publicity.

At the annual meeting, we also carefully arranged our own ISTA exhibition, and displayed our products on the booth. Although there are only pictures, but also attracted many people attending the annual meeting to watch, Haida people are warm and enthusiastic hospitality to come to any one. The person who consulted became the most energetic member of the ISTA Annual Meeting.

ISTA is a standard for packaging and transportation inspection. Its purpose is to ensure the safety of articles during packaging and transportation, and to provide reliable laboratory testing instruments for the packaging and transportation industry. Haida has a number of inspection instruments that comply with the ISTA standard, such as zero drop tester, bevel impact test bench, high frequency vibration table, and simulation clamp test machine.

Dongguan Haida Instrument Co., Ltd. has established its 15th anniversary and will never stop moving forward. Haida shoulders the mission of making every company have high-quality testing instruments. There is a long way to go. Haida needs to continue to learn and thrive!