Sofa Durability Tester

The more expensive the sofa, the better?

When we buy a sofa, we must pay attention to the length, depth, sitting height, and back height of the sofa.

Generally speaking, the size of the sofa occupies a quarter of the living room area, so that it will neither appear empty nor crowded.

If the seat is too high, it will be uncomfortable to hang your legs in the air.

If you sit too deep and narrow, you will get tired after sitting for a long time.

The backrest is too low, the back and neck lack support, and it is not suitable for sedentary sitting.

So before buying, be sure to make sure that you don’t find the size is inappropriate after you buy it back, too large or too small will affect your mood.

Moreover, the general brand sofas will only be sent to the factory to make after the order is placed. There will be a production cycle, about 1.5-3.5 months. Some processes are more difficult or the factory is busy, and the time will be longer, in order to avoid unnecessary The trouble, the size still has to be selected.

About the size of the sofa:

The depth of a normal sofa is 800-950mm, the length of a single sofa is 800-950mm, a two-seater sofa is 1260-1500mm, a three-seater sofa is 1750-1960mm, and a four-seater sofa is 2320-2520mm. (Of course this is not fixed.)

About the sofa combination:

For a normal small apartment, you will choose a two-person or small three-person sofa, which can generally accommodate two to four people at the same time. For 80-100 square meters, if you want more space, you can choose a combination of 3+1 or 3+1+1. To 100-120 square meters, you can choose 3+2 or 3+2+1. If 120+, then you can look at your mood and combine it at will~~

About the durability of the sofa:

Haida Instruments has instruments specially used to test the durability of sofas---
Sofa Durability Tester acceptable customization