How to test the stability of furniture testing equipment?

1. Stability test of the workbench under vertical load:

Place the workbench to be tested on the test bench. At the center of the most unstable table edge and 50mm inward from the edge of the table, use the loading plate to gradually apply the vertical downward force to the specified force value, or at least one table leg of the test piece leaves the ground.

2. Vertical and horizontal load stability test of the workbench:

Place the workbench on the surface of the test base. Stop the table leg with the stopper on the most unstable side of the sample. Prevent the sample from moving during the test. 50mm inward from the center of the edge of the desktop, apply a force of 100N downwards vertically through the loading pad on the desktop. At the same time, apply a horizontal force outwards on the central table on the side. Gradually increase the force until the specified value is reached or at least one table leg is off the ground.