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Drawer and Cabinet Door Fatigue Tester

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drawer and cabinet door fatigue test (electric cylinder) can be used for reciprocating fatigue test product drawer rail and cabinet door hinge

Pre designed data, automatic stop to set test cycle

Main function:

Rail drawer track test, the test machine, the company's independent development of the drawer / door push pull test machine, can be tested according to thedomestic and foreign customers of all kinds of quality requirements, control.

Main technical parameters:

. drawer specifications: 150-800mm (adjustable)

Load: 0-1000N

Speed: 0.3-2m/s

The measured distance: absolute error ≤± 2.5mm

Stroke control range: 0 ~ 800mm

Absolute error of measurement time: 0.1 seconds

Controller: PLC, control

Power supply: AC220V 50HZ

Compressed air: 6 kg

Design standard:

GB/T10357.5 7.1.1 door durability test, 7.5.1 drawer slideway and durability test,7.5.4 drawer slideway strength test

Standard: Bifma X 5.5

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