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The machine is used to test bending resistance of different knives.

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 Knives Test Tool


The machine is used to test bending resistance of different knives. 





1. Test weights: 10N±0.2N ( two)

2. Balance block: 89mm×30mm×15mm (accuracy ±0.03mm)

3. Plastic parallel ruler: 380mm×8mm

4. Scale plate: 180mm×350mm

5. Acrylic cover: 530mm×290mm×93mm

6. Out dimension: (L×W×H) 607mm×386mm×470mm

7. Fixtures: two clamps, one fixed handle, one moveable clamp.


Test Procedure:

1. Clamp the handle of the sample to be tested in the pivoted clamp. Position the handle in the clamp so that during the test the tip of the blade or craving fork prongs and the end of the handle will remain in essentially the same horizontal plane.

2. Clamp the blade , or prong tip in the unloaded tip clamp, ensure that the hand lever is removed from the apparatus and set both scales to zero.

3. Connect the test load to the tip clamp put on the lever and rotate the shaft of the pivoted clamp until the tip clamp just rises from the guild rails maintain it in this position for 10 s. Return the hand lever to a position of rest and remove the hand lever, remove the load from the tip clamp and read off the angle of deflection. (angle of permanent deformation)

Turn the sample over and repeat the test in the opposite direction.


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