Don't Cause Trouble To Others !

Everyone has their own busy work and their own difficulties. We should try our best not to cause trouble to others and to understand each other. Don't cause trouble to others, my understanding is: do your own work well, try to make zero mistakes, the rest is easy, and you don't need to check them one by one, so that the work will be efficient.

Our company is now gradually using the system to simplify and standardize the process. The premise is that we need to ensure that the data entered into the system is accurate, which requires the cooperation of each of our departments to count and check those data, which requires continuous verification in the later stage. Each department has its own assigned tasks, which need to be taken seriously by themselves to ensure the accuracy of the data and avoid causing trouble to others. Once the system is perfected, whether we check the inventory or the progress of the shipment, it will be clear and clear, and there is no need to ask others everywhere.

It is painful to improve the system in the early stage. In order to mobilize the enthusiasm and cooperation of employees, the company has set a goal for employees. If the target is reached, a generous reward will be given. When announcing the completion of one goal after another, we are all happy for these implementers and applaud them wholeheartedly. We all know that it is not easy. I hope they will continue to maintain it. I believe that all the processes in our company are becoming more and more simplified and standardized!